While Pitso Mosimane is taking Patrice Motsepe to court, his domestic helper is suing him

The Abha Club manager Pitso Mosimane and his wife Moira Tlhagale are facing a legal battle as their domestic worker, Dorothy Sikirivao, has filed a lawsuit against them for R5.7 million.

The case, filed in the Johannesburg High Court, stems from injuries Sikirivao sustained during a cleaning accident that occurred at the couple’s home in April 2021.

According to reports by Sunday World, Sikirivao suffered severe injuries after a fall while cleaning, leaving her borderline disabled and unable to conceive.

The injuries included spine-related issues, blood clots in the brain, shoulder dislocation, bone fractures, spinal cord pressure, hip dislocation, and leg dislocation.

Despite the couple initially covering her medical expenses, they abruptly ceased payments without explanation.

The lawsuit also alleges that after granting Sikirivao a month of sick leave following the incident, Mosimane and Tlhagale pressured her to return to work prematurely, exacerbating her condition.

The legal claim seeks compensation totaling R5.7 million, including R1.7 million for loss of income, R2 million for medical expenses, R1 million for loss of amenities, and R1 million for pain and suffering.

In response to the lawsuit, a representative for Sikirivao stated, “Our client has suffered immensely due to the negligence of the defendants. We are confident that the court will deliver justice and hold them accountable for the harm caused.”

The legal proceedings are ongoing, with both parties preparing to present their cases in court as the domestic worker seeks restitution for the physical and emotional toll of the accident.

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