Daughter of 71-year-old woman who was raped by a younger neighbour breaks her silence

The denial of bail for the 44-year-old man accused of raping his 71-year-old neighbour in Soweto-on-Sea has brought relief to the victim’s daughter and the community.

  “I am relieved. I am happy,” the elderly woman’s daughter said as she left court.

  “But we will not rest. I will be at every court appearance. I want to see what happens to this man who [allegedly] raped my mother.”

The decision was made by Magistrate Kathy Moodley at the New Brighton Magistrate’s Court, taking into account the safety of the community and the potential risk to the accused if released.

The incident, which occurred in October last year, involved the man allegedly entering the elderly woman’s home, raping her, and then ordering her to fetch water for him before leaving.

The traumatized woman had even contemplated taking her own life after the assault.

Magistrate Moodley highlighted the strong case against the accused and the potential danger of releasing him back into the community.

She also noted the community’s outrage and lack of confidence in the justice system when suspects of violent crimes are granted bail.

The ANC Women’s League members, to which the victim belongs, expressed their approval of the judgment and exchanged hugs following the decision to deny bail. The case has been postponed for further investigation until May 22.

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