Fans call Rudiger weird after he was caught doing something unusual before El Classico

Antonio Rudiger, the Real Madrid star, left fans scratching their heads with his peculiar behaviour before the El Classico match at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The 31-year-old defender was caught on camera in the tunnel engaging in a bizarre interaction with a police officer.

As Rudiger walked ahead of the officer, he suddenly lunged towards him with his arms outstretched as if trying to startle him, only to follow it up with a friendly pat on the arm.

The officer seemed to take the unexpected gesture in good humour, sporting a smile in response.

However, viewers watching the scene unfold were left puzzled by Rudiger’s antics, taking to social media to share their reactions.

One fan expressed, “Rudiger is so weird man,” while another commented, “Rudiger acts like someone who is always high.”

A third observer remarked, “This guy is nuts for real!” and a fourth humorously quipped, “Bro does not have impulsive thoughts, impulsive thoughts have him.”

Rudiger’s playful yet perplexing behavior added an element of intrigue to the pre-match atmosphere, sparking a mix of amusement and confusion among spectators.

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