Security company owner charged with murder and attempted murder after shooting a woman in the head

A security company owner is facing murder and attempted murder charges.

Cameron Aberdeen, the 31-year-old owner of Cerberus Tactical Security (CTS), allegedly shot and killed Moegamat Waleed Abrahams and injured another woman in the head.

According to a friend of the deceased, Waleed was running from security officers when he was struck by a bullet.

The accused then allegedly fired more shots while Waleed was lying on the ground.

This tragic incident has left the community in mourning and seeking justice for the victims.

In a recent court hearing, Aberdeen was granted bail of R5000 by the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court.

His lawyer, William Booth, presented a pile of supporting documents, stating that Aberdeen is unmarried and has his father, a retired colonel from the South African Police Services, to support him.

Additionally, Booth argued that Aberdeen’s passport was given to the investigating officer and that he poses no threat to the witnesses.

The decision to grant bail to Aberdeen has sparked mixed reactions within the community.

Some believe that he should remain in custody, considering the seriousness of the charges against him.

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