Whenever I look at you I get hungry – Teacher fired for making these remarks to grade 6 student

A teacher at Parkhurst Primary School in Johannesburg has been dismissed from his profession after being found guilty by the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC).

Siphamandla Ngiba faced allegations of improper conduct, including physical contact and inappropriate comments towards six Grade 6 pupils.

The incidents occurred in September and October last year when the teacher allegedly put his hand around a pupil’s neck, touched or looked at five pupils’ buttocks, and called three of them inappropriate names.

 However, one incident stood out among the rest, as Ngiba compared a pupil to a cartoon character from the packaging of “NikNaks” maize snack, stating that looking at her made him “hungry”.

Such behavior is not only completely unacceptable but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from a person in a position of authority.

Teachers are meant to create a safe and nurturing environment for their students, where they can learn and grow without fear of harassment or abuse.

Ngiba’s actions not only violated the trust placed in him but also had a detrimental effect on the emotional well-being of the affected pupils.

The ELRC’s decision to dismiss Ngiba sends a strong message that sexual harassment in schools will not be tolerated.

It is also essential for schools to create an environment where students feel comfortable reporting incidents of harassment.

By empowering children to speak up and ensuring that their concerns are taken seriously, educational institutions can play a vital role in preventing and addressing such issues in a timely and effective manner.

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