Concerned motorist reports dead body spotted in a boot

A concerned motorist contacts Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) after noticing a suspected dead body lying in the boot of the vehicle.

The incident was reported to the RUSA Operations Center at 18:47 when a family following a white Toyota Etios on the Umdloti Beach Road next to the Verulam Testing Ground in Kwazulu Natal noticed the trunk pop open when the vehicle hit a speed bump.

The family who were following closely behind saw a man dressed in a stripped green shirt lying motionless inside the boot. At the second speed bump the boot partially closed.

Fearing for their safety the family slowed down their vehicle and then drove in the direction of Umdloti Beach. Minutes later they spotted the same vehicle with registration plates ND 924-967 at the red robot at the intersection of Ottawa Old Main Road and the Umdloti Beach Road. The passenger then took a picture.

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Reaction Officers immediately launched a search for the vehicle and shared the information with partners in Law Enforcement.The vehicle is white, sedan shaped and had several dents. It appeared to be recently panelbeated.

Motorist reports dead body in a boot

Partially opened boot with motionless man

Reaction Officers also checked ownership on the vehicle registration and found that it had no details on record.

A cable tie can be seen protruding from the partially closed trunk.

During investigations RUSA was contacted by a petrol attendant who confirmed that she had fuelled the vehicle at around 18:40. She further explained that she had seen an intoxicated man in the boot.

According to the woman, she spoke to the man in the boot and he informed her that his friends had placed him in the trunk of the Toyota Etios because the vehicle was fully loaded. He then passed out.

According to the petrol attendant, all occupants of the vehicle were highly intoxicated.


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