Rape case opened against 16-year-old uncle who raped his 6-year-old niece

Police in Gilead under are investigating a case of rape involving a six year-old girl who was reportedly raped by a 16 year-old boy believed to be her uncle in Taueatswala.

According to police reports, on Monday afternoon, the aunt of the victim noticed that her niece was not well and asked her what had happened to her.

The girl allegedly informed her that she was raped by her uncle on Saturday while at home.

The aunt of the victim telephonically called her mother to inform her about the incident and the child was rushed to the local hospital for medical treatment.

Upon arrival, the medical personnel confirmed that the girl was raped.

The Social Worker was also informed about the incident and a case of rape was immediately opened at the police station against a minor suspect.

Police say the suspect will be arrested in due course and the Probation Officer is expected to be involved as the matter involved a minor suspect .


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