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Skomota, real name Ngwana Sesi, is a 38-year-old from Limpopo who has become a viral internet sensation thanks to his playboy antics and viral dance moves.

He is known by the nickname Mr. All Over because he participates in all the hottest events in his area and entertains everyone with his jokes and appetite.

He is also a lover of football and betting. Like any big dreamer before his success he would often say that one day he will be rich.

His dream came true on 25 August 2023, when he won R3 million on Betway, which is an online gaming platform. He bet on a football match and was lucky enough to win the jackpot.

Skomota’s life changed dramatically after he won his fortune. He started wearing expensive clothes and associated himself with celebrities like Shebeshxt and Moruti Gucci.

He also bought himself a car and a house and spoiled his family and friends.

As most people noticed that every time he goes out to the club, he attracts beautiful women who don’t hesitate to spoil him with public display of affection. Although most would argue that they only go for him because of his heavy pockets.

What most people don’t know is that he has balso released a song called “Dipikara Mmotong,” which featured Team Delela and Aembu.

Skomota shares a stage with Makhadzi

Skomota shares a stage with Makhadzi

Adding an extra layer to his newfound success, Makhadzi tapped into the social media sensation to share the stage with her at the 2023 SAMA’s, where he performed his popular dance moves that made him TikTok famous.

His new found success has also landed him many gigs in and around South Africa’s biggest clubs and event, such as Propaganda in Pretoria.

Skomota once claimed in an interview that his booking price is around the range of R70 000K.

There has been lots of speculation concerning the mental health of South Africa’s hottest playboy. Although no real confirmation has come from his camp, the general public seems to have accepted the idea that Skomota faces some sort of mental challenges, with Down Syndrome being the most brought up condition.

This was especially evident when a clip of Skomota on a podcast went viral after the sensation claimed in a fit of confusion that he wanted to work with deceased rappers AKA and Riky Rick.

Regardless of all his controversies, many see Skomota as a positive representative of the disabled community, with many seeing his success as proof that anyone can make it big if they try hard enough.


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