Pastor charges R20 000 to make you see God in heaven

Pastors have engaged in several dubious actions over the past few years that have sparked controversy and raised doubts about their genius.

People want to begin the new year with a clean slate and want their prayers to be answered in the new year as the year draws to a close.

A man who goes by the name of Pastor MS Budeli did not hesitate to create a poster for an all-night special prayer and worship conference on December 25 in which he charges large sums of money for various unrealistic things to assist people with a variety of problems.

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These include things like protection from crime, police are there to render crime protection services not fake pastors. The most intriguing claim of all is that he says he can make you see God in heaven for a very costly price of R20,000 which is impossible. He also claims that he can let you see your future on your cellphone.

There is no question that the all-night prayer is a scam because of the pastor’s unrealistic claims about his abilities. People should not fall for this because he will simply take the money he is demanding and vanish

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So many pastors have engaged in eye-catching antics to increase their following or to scam people.

Pastor baths female church members

In 2022 a video of an unnamed Ghanaian preacher and church leader bathing female churchgoers in a basin drew a lot of criticism.

In 2017 Zimbabwean pastor Paul Sanyangore, 32, claims to have the Lord on speed dial and chats with him in front of his congregation, who appeared to be very impressed.

In 2019 A video of Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries bringing a “dead” man back to life during a church service went viral on social media.

In 2014 Pastor Lesego Daniel Founder of Rabboni Centre Ministries in Ga-Rankua was reported to have asked his church members to eat grass.

Pastor makes congregants eat grass

Pastor Daniel was proving to his congregation that humans can be controlled by the spirit and they can eat anything to feed their bodies

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