Foreign nationals busted with 600 litres of diesel

The results of routine patrols were evident yesterday morning, Friday 2 December 2, 2022, at around 00:20, when police in Middleburg arrested three Mozambican nationals, ages 25 to 28. These foreign nationals were in possession of suspected stolen diesel.

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Police officers from the Crime Prevention Unit of Middelburg were on patrol in Vaalbank Village near the Black Watlo mine west of Middleburg. Police then came upon a white Toyota Hilux with three male occupants that had a suspicious appearance.

Three foreign nationals arrested with diesel

A search was conducted after the car was stopped, and it turned up within the vehicle 25 litres of containers filled with diesel. 24 containers in all were discovered amounting to 600 liters of diesel.

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The three men were all arrested because none of them could give a clear explanation of who owned the fuel they were hauling or proof of purchase. Both the used diesel and the vehicle were seized for additional examination.

The three foreign nationals were remanded in custody while their case was postponed to 6 December 2022 for a formal bail application.

The suspects were charged with possession of an allegedly stolen property when they appeared in court on Friday. The three suspects are Tali Alberte (age 26), Rivage Alzido Juliao (age 28), and Antonio Munguambe.

To determine their status in the Republic of South Africa, police are collaborating with the department of home affairs.

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