Mortuary employee caught raping a dead woman

A man in Mbombela has been arrested for the disturbing crime of sexually assaulting deceased individuals. This 38-year-old mortuary employee was arrested after being caught engaging in sexual acts with a deceased woman inside the mortuary storage area.

The shocking incident came to light when a receptionist at the funeral service heard sexual pleasure sounds coming from the storage room and rushed to investigate.

Upon entering, he was horrified to witness the worker involved in unspeakable activities with the deceased woman. The perpetrator was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Furthermore, the accused revealed a chilling detail, suggesting that he was not acting alone in these reprehensible acts.

He claimed that other male workers at the mortuary also engaged in similar behaviour, especially with corpses that were young, attractive, or recently brought to the facility.

This adds another layer of horror to an already disturbing situation and makes families wonder about the safety of their decreased from victimisation.


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