Shoplifter caught with fake pregnancy bump

It is hardly surprising that South Africa has shockingly high crime rates given the country’s high unemployment rate and challenging economic conditions. Stealing is usually a means by which people support themselves or get items that are out of their price range. That was the situation with the shoplifter who was caught stealing from a PEP store, in Middleburg, Mpumalanga, according to reports.

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Shoplifter caught

It usually ends in tears for thieves as they are either beaten up by the community or arrested by security and the police, which is why they frequently come up with creative ways to get away with crime.

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One shoplifter took creativity to a whole new level by creating a fake pregnancy bump that served as a hidden compartment for her to store stolen good while posing as a customer at a PEP store in Middleburg.

Shop lifter fake baby bump

The fake pregnancy bump was made using plastic, brown sellotape, and paper. In my opinion, it looked very real when worn and covered with clothes. This is one Christmas shopping that ended in tears for the shoplifter.

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