Nadia Nakai Responds to Accusations of Stealing A Wig

While in Namibia, South African rapper Nadia Nakai found herself at the center of a controversy that she never saw coming.

Accused of stealing a wig, the artist faced unexpected drama during her visit.

Taking to Twitter (X), one of the curious Nadia Nakai fans asked what led to the famed rapper being accused of stealing a wig worth R6000.

Nadia Nakai was accused of stealing a wig in Namibia.

Nadia Nakai was accused of stealing a wig in Namibia.

“Tell us exactly what happened… NADIA NAKAI WOULD NEVER STEAL A WIG! Tell us exactly what happened and stop with the nonsense,” read the post as noted by SAHipHopMag.

Nadia Nakai responds

Responding to the accusation, Nadia Nakai dismissed the claim, asserting that the accuser is seeking attention for personal gain.

Bragga labeled the accuser as untruthful and emphasized the lack of validity in the allegations.

“Baaaaaabes! That lady is such a lair, and I didn’t pay Sh*t. She must tell the truth! Psycho! She BEEEN having her wack wig! Cloutmonger!” she said.

Her accuser claims Nadia Nakai was in Namibia for a show and didn’t have a wig to improve her appearance. The person offered to help by saying the rapper could either buy the wig or use it for free, and she could decide whether to keep it or return it after the performance.

However, there are claims that Bragga left with the wig without paying for it after the event.

The person who raised the issue tried to get in touch with the manager of the Money Back rapper to sort out the return of the wig, but unfortunately, her attempts were unsuccessful.

Instead, she ended up receiving a different wig of lower quality.

Screenshot taken from the Instagram page of the person Nadia Nakai allegedly stole a wig from.

Screenshot taken from the Instagram page of the person Nadia Nakai allegedly stole a wig from.

The post reads as follows:

“22 September 2023, someone called me around 22h00 asking me to take a few wigs to Marigold because Nadia was in Namibia to perform but her wigs were bad. I woke up and took a few wigs over and I gave them prices.

“Nadia chose a 26-inch 3-bundle curly frontal and I told them the wig is R6500 so they should either buy it for that amount or could use it and leave it at the reception the next morning. NB with witnesses because there were more than 4 Namibians in the room who all heard the conditions. Me saying they could use it and leave it was literally me trying to help them. I didn’t require anything from them.

“Didnt ask them to tag me or anything, however, I made it clear that if she wanted to keep it she should buy it for that amount. To my surprise, I saw Nadia snapping wearing my wig in South Africa the next day and no payment or communication were made.

“So I reached out to her manager and kindly asked them to send the wig back and tried making efforts to have someone bring it with to Namibia but they weren’t making any efforts to send the wig back. They eventually stopped responding so I contacted a few gossip pages and only then Nadia responded to my DM and told me she dropped it at the address I had given them.

“The wig arrived in Namibia after a whole and it was the wrong wig. It was short, machine made and had very little hair. Nadia stop stealing from black-owned businesses.”

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