Grieving Lusanda Mbane drives from Joburg to deliver Zahara’s guitar

Former Scandal actress Lusanda Mbane drove from Johannesburg to Phumlani to deliver Zahara’s accolades and guitar to her family.

She spoke to the media about the emotional journey she went through during Zahara’s hospitalization.

“When she went into the hospital, I was in communication with everyone around her. It was a very unsettling, very emotional time because I did not know what to expect,” Lusanda said.

She relied on reports and updates from people close to Zahara to stay informed.

Lusanda and Zahara formed a sisterhood after meeting during a two-hour interview on TruFM.

Lusanda described her role as that of a big sister.

“I was there for her when she needed me as a big sister, and I was there when we had fun as well,” she said.

However, their fun moments sometimes ended in disagreements due to Zahara’s stubbornness.

Contrary to the narrative on social media that Zahara’s friends failed her, Lusanda revealed that she witnessed people in the singer’s life who would always agree with her.

She was the one who would call Zahara to order.

“She knew she had to have limits. She knew if I was around she had to have limits with how she spoke and conducted herself, and she would give me that respect as a big sister,” Lusanda explained.

She emphasized that Zahara would always reach out to her for support whenever she found herself in a difficult situation.

Lusanda also shared some light moments they had together, such as sitting on Zahara’s patio and talking about life.

Zahara would cook meals for Lusanda and even sing for her.


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