AKA’s Will Revealed by Mother in Honest Interview

The passing of Super Mega has stirred up deep emotions in the South African music industry and the rapper’s family.

It has also brought uncertainty about what will happen to the rapper’s brand.

Lynn Forbes the mother of AKA has shared how life has been after the rapper's passing

Lynn Forbes the mother of AKA has shared how life has been after the rapper’s passing

Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother, shared that they were working with ZazyBoy, but they had to stop because the “Run Jozi” hitmaker had left a will that explains how he wants things to be done.

Speaking to The Episode

“When it comes to the AKA brand, we were still working with Zazy because there were many projects in progress. But we decided to stop because of a specific reason, and I’ll tell you why,” said AKA’s mother.

“There’s a will, there’s an executive, and all those things needed to be sorted out first. What we’re doing now is having the executive within the family.”

Lynn Forbes stressed that even though the family is handling executive responsibilities, she is open to working with ZazyBoy.

She also mentioned reconnecting with some of the business relationships the rapper had with certain brands.

“At the moment, we need to restart conversations with Zaz, and maybe we can talk to Cruz again. I want to revisit, maybe we can form a new partnership with Reebok—I’m just suggesting these things. As a family, we’re trying to revive some of the relationships that worked in the past and that Kiernan was passionate about. 2024 will mark the restart of many things,” Glamy said.

What the revelations mean for AKA

AKA’s passing has deeply affected the music scene and his family. But the future of his brand is not uncertain. The goal for 2024 is to restart and honor AKA’s legacy by reviving important relationships and projects.

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