WATCH| 37 illegal Malawians caught packed in 15 seater taxi

A 15 seater minibus taxi carrying 37 undocumented Malawian nationals was intercepted by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in the Limpopo.

The incident took place during a routine patrol by the SAPS, where they encountered a minibus taxi that appeared to be overcrowded.

Illegal Malawians caught


Upon inspection, it was discovered that the vehicle was carrying 37 people who did not have proper documentation to be in South Africa. The passengers were Malawian nationals, and their presence in the country without the necessary permits raised immediate concerns.

The interception of the minibus taxi highlights the ongoing challenges faced by South African authorities in managing illegal immigration. Limpopo province, located near the border with Zimbabwe, is a known transit point for individuals attempting to enter South Africa from neighboring countries illegally.

The SAPS took appropriate action by detaining the individuals for further investigation and verification of their status.


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