Mondli Ngcobo breaks his silence after being blamed for his baby mama’s suicide

Mondli Ngcobo has finally broken his silence after the tragic death of his baby mama, Mandy Malebo.

Mandy passed away on 4 January 2023, and initial reports suggested that she had taken her own life.

This news shocked many, especially considering the couple had a two-year-old child together.

Mondli, who is a well-known musician and producer, also works with renowned artist Kelly Khumalo.

Prior to their separation, Mondli and Mandy had experienced difficulties in their relationship, leading to Mondli having to pay child support.

Mandy had been vocal about her frustrations with Mondli, often posting videos online accusing him of being a deadbeat father who did not spend time with their son.

At the time, Mondli was paying R1500 in child support.

Following Mandy’s passing, social media erupted with claims that her depression was a result of Mondli’s lack of support.

Many South Africans online criticized Mondli for not being there for Mandy and their child, and blamed him for her tragic end.

In his interview, Mondli expressed his deep sadness and regret over Mandy’s death.

He acknowledged the difficulties they faced in their relationship but emphasized that he had always loved his son and had tried his best to support them financially.

“I have heard all kinds of hurtful speculations about the cause of death and about me, but personally I urge you to give her family space and grace to mourn the loss. I am waiting for her family to finalise the details of laying her to rest, and I will then share with you accordingly,” he said.

He also mentioned that he had reached out to Mandy numerous times to reconcile and be present in their son’s life, but his efforts were met with resistance.

Mondli’s heartfelt words shed light on the complexity of their relationship and the challenges they faced.

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