Group assaults a man and later kills him and attempt to kill his father

As a parent, your natural instinct is to shield your kids from people who try to harm them. This is what a father from Durban did, almost losing his life in the process and tragically losing his son, after they were both attacked by a group of three.

According to reports, three suspects have been arrested after police responded quickly to the allegation that they killed a 21-year-old guy and attempted to also kill his father. This incident happened on Saturday, 10 December 2022 at South Beach in Durban.

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The victim reportedly told his father that he had been attacked by a group of young guys. It is alleged that the father and son later went to confront the attackers.

The son was repeatedly stabbed by group during the altercation, and he was pronounced dead on the spot. The 46-year-old father was reportedly stabbed numerous times and was taken right away to the hospital for emergency care.

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The three perpetrators were quickly taken into custody by the police who had been stationed nearby and responded quickly to the incident. The three will appear in court soon to answer charges of attempted murder and murder.

This needless killing should never have occurred, and it is sad and tragic that young people believe it is okay to resolve their problems through violence. To defend his child from the suspects, the father had every right to approach them. Everything should have been settled through conversation.

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