Man get his leg cut off in freak accident

In a freak accident, a vehicle collided with a roadside railing (guard rail) near Mandini, on Bridge No.14. Resulting in the vehicle occupant, a man, getting his leg cut off by the railings

IPSS Medical Rescue were called on the scene on the N2 close to bridge No.14, near Mandini where a single vehicle collided with the roadside railing.

Due to the severity of the crash the man, who was alone in car when it crashed, sustained a traumatic amputation of the leg.

Man gets amputated by guard railing

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IPSS Advanced Life Paramedics stabilised the patient before transporting him to a medical facility for further care.

KDM Fire assisted with extricating the patient from the car

In recent years, news of traffic accidents involving drivers who hit guardrails and other road barriers have been often reported.

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We have seen some quite awful injuries in some cases, and these frequently raise concerns about these traffic safety systems.

Guardrails are a component of a larger system known as vehicle restraint systems or traffic safety barriers. Vehicle restraint systems are used to protect road users from potential hazards alongside the travelled way and are systems designed to stop or re-direct a vehicle that is leaving the roadway.

Guardrails should be able to redirect or contain:

  • An errant vehicle without imposing intolerable vehicle occupant forces;
  • Vehicles in a range of sizes, weights and designs; or
  • An errant vehicle over a range of impact speeds and impact angles.


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