Eyebrows raised as young woman accuses DJ Tira of raping her

DJ Tira has come under fire for allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a young woman seeking opportunities in the music industry.

The woman, identified as Luke Ntombela, bravely spoke out about her encounter with the Durban-based DJ, alleging that he took advantage of her in a vulnerable state.

According to MDN News, Luke Ntombela shared her disturbing experience, stating that she had become heavily intoxicated and subsequently blacked out, only to wake up next to DJ Tira in a compromising situation.

Despite her objections, screenshots reveal that the DJ persisted in making inappropriate advances towards her.

In a powerful social media post, Luke expressed her feelings of betrayal and violation, highlighting the unsettling nature of the encounter. She wrote, “I hear you @djtira, talking about ‘witchcraft this, witchcraft that,’ but I don’t see anything more bewitching than waking up next to someone after blacking out. He continues to touch you as if you are in love. You clearly don’t love me and you don’t respect me enough not to sleep with me. Speaking with him, he says that he will block me ‘what if nothing happened..? What were you doing that makes me not remember??? When can you please remind me, brother?.. My brother, God is there.”


Furthermore, Luke shared screenshots of her conversations with DJ Tira, revealing his attempts to manipulate the situation by offering financial incentives and attempting to erase any evidence of their interaction.

Despite the DJ’s persistent efforts to silence her, Luke remained steadfast in holding him accountable, emphasizing the importance of speaking out against such misconduct.


The blog post detailed the ongoing exchanges between Luke and DJ Tira.

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