Child said his father was covered in blood’, after man kills his wife

On Tuesday, a man from Johannesburg was arrested a short time after he reportedly killed his wife at their Emmarentia house

The couple’s little child notified a neighbour, who then called the police on the man, who they believe to be 40 years old.

According to a police officer with knowledge of the incident, the woman, who has been identified as Marhoom Nazreen Fakie, was repeatedly stabbed with a screwdriver.

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According to police spokesperson Mavela Masondo, the victim was fatally stabbed by her husband.

“He (the child) claimed his father was covered in blood. The child felt that his mother [was] not well,” he said

Masondo said the neighbour had “rushed to the crime scene” and forced their way into the house.

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Child witnesses mother's murder

Masondo stated that upon entering the house, the suspect was sitting in the lounge. The suspect was asked where his wife was. He replied by pointing to the bedroom. The neighbour went to the bedroom and found the victim’s body covered with a blanket. Blood was all over the bedroom floor.

Hours later, paramedics declared the woman dead. On 8 December 2022, the man is anticipated to appear in court.

Family members were getting ready for the woman’s burial when News24 arrived, on Wednesday, at a residence connected to the couple.

It is believed that she was buried earlier on Wednesday afternoon.

Many people who had previously interacted with the couple claimed that the husband had a history of violence and had previously abused his wife.

This should send a clear message to women who are involved in violent relationships that an abusive man will eventually murder them. Even more tragically, the woman was murdered in front of their young child, and the tragedy took place during the 16-days of activism for no violence against women and children.

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