Gavin Hunt Calls for Tactical Shift to Win World Cup

SuperSport United head coach Gavin Hunt says African teams need to change their style of play if they are to have any chance of winning the World Cup title.
Gavin Hunt doesn't believe any African team can win the World Cup

Gavin Hunt doesn’t believe any African team can win the World Cup

Speaking to Peter du Toit on  Thisisfootball AfricaHunt stressed the importance of playing without the ball.

He said that most African teams find it difficult to play without the ball, but when they have the ball they look beautiful and dangerous.

Gavin Hunt

“So why do African teams struggle in World Cups? an African team will never win a World Cup, no chance….you can say Morocco last year in the semi-finals but (the reason African teams struggle) is the way they play without the ball against better teams, ” said Hunt.

The 59-year-old also said the local teams needed to have physical players as well as top defenders and midfielders.

“Well people say Gavin Hunt doesn’t like small players, and then they say ‘look, Messi is small’ but Messi is strong my friend, and quick. If you are small, you need to be fast. We need a bit of size, we need a bit of power and strength. The game is about power now and that Bafana team had all these attributes,” Hunt said.

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