Former Hawks boss Ntlemeza accused of being a bully

Former Hawks boss and African Congress for Transformation (ACT) provincial leader, Berning Ntlemeza, has come under fire for his leadership style within the party, with allegations of bullying and unilateral decision-making causing discontent among members.

The bombshell revelations were made by outgoing national spokesperson Ayabulela Ngoqo in an interview with the Dispatch, where he shed light on the internal challenges plaguing the ACT.

Ngoqo’s decision to part ways with the party and return to the African National Congress (ANC) was prompted by concerns over the lack of effective leadership and organizational structure within the ACT.

The party, founded by former ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule following his expulsion from the ruling party in 2023, has faced internal turmoil under Ntlemeza’s leadership.

“The greatest challenge was the lack of leadership and not being organized,” Ngoqo lamented.

“This put the party in a wrong position because most people who had joined it then left. It needs clear policies in terms of what it actually wants and the way it wants to go.”

Ngoqo’s remarks highlighted a pervasive issue of bullying and authoritarianism within the party, with Ntlemeza accused of running the ACT “like a police force” and making decisions unilaterally.

The discontent among members, fueled by frustration with the leadership style, led to a mass exodus of members to other political parties.

Describing his return to the ANC as “going back home,” Ngoqo expressed hope for the ACT’s future if it underwent a process of introspection and rectified its shortcomings.

“Everybody thought the party was going to be an alternative,” he noted, emphasizing the need for the ACT to address its internal challenges and realign its vision to attract and retain members.

The revelations of internal strife within the ACT underscore the importance of effective leadership and inclusive decision-making processes in political organizations.

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