Jacob Zuma Withdraws Support from ANC Ahead of 2024 Elections

Jacob Zuma withdraws support for ANC ahead of South African elections in 2024.

Former South African president Jacob Zuma, who was forced out of office amid corruption allegations, will not vote for the ruling African National Congress Party (ANC).

Jacob Zuma has now aligned himself with the newly formed uMkhontho weSizwe party

Jacob Zuma has now aligned himself with the newly formed uMkhontho weSizwe party

Zuma, 81, criticized the president and ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa.
The ANC, which led the decades-long struggle against apartheid, is rapidly losing support

Zuma said he would vote for a small radical left party and would reject any candidacy from the ANC.

“It would be a betrayal to campaign for the ANC of Ramaphosa,” he said in a statement read at a press conference.

Zuma condemned what he called “the death of democratically elected structures”, “the role of money” in determining votes, and “the suspected fraudulent manipulation” of ANC conference decisions.

Zuma said he would vote for Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), a small party registered this year and named after the former armed wing of the ANC.

Jacob Zuma and his relationship with ANC

Jacob Zuma,  served as president of South Africa from 2009 to 2018, was forced to resign over corruption allegations.

He was replaced by then-Vice President Ramaphosa.

Despite the controversy, Zuma continues to have significant influence within the party.
Zuma was sentenced to 15 months in prison in June 2021 for refusing to testify at the commission investigating financial corruption and nepotism during his time in office.

His detention sparked protests, riots and looting that left more than 350 people dead in the worst violence since the end of apartheid.

The ANC is expected to face strong electoral competition from the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters, although smaller parties and independent candidates may be important in coalition negotiations.

The ANC announced this week that it would legally challenge the use of the name Umkhonto we Sizwe as belonging to the party.

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