Mavuso Msimang drops bombshell about his ANC exit and U-turn

ANC stalwart Mavuso Msimang has dropped a bombshell on why he deserted the ANC before bouncing back.

He shocked the political stratosphere after he announced his resignation a few weeks back.

But he has now bounced back ahead of the 2024 elections.

“The differences I had with Mr Fikile Mbalula have been resolved,” Mavuso Msimang stated.

However, he made it clear that while he has withdrawn his resignation, he stands by his criticisms of the ANC.

In his op-ed for Sunday Times, he said, “My resignation from the ANC was never simply a matter of having changed my mind about the party’s policies because another contender for power had persuaded me that they had better policies.”

Msimang emphasized the importance of the ANC addressing corruption within its ranks, stating, “It doesn’t require sophisticated political analysis to predict what will happen to the ANC’s electoral chances if they fail to exclude people tainted with corruption.”

He expressed hope that his resignation would serve as a wake-up call to the ANC leadership, urging them to prevent anyone involved in corruption from being nominated as a public representative.

Msimang concluded that the ANC’s lackluster approach to corruption and other issues was the final straw in his 63-year relationship with the party.

His about turn came just a few days before former president Jacob Zuma revealed that he would not be voting for the ruling party.


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