Fans point out to suspicions moment before Mashata was shot dead

The tragic shooting and killing of DJ Peter “Mashata” Mabuse has left the country in mourning, with social media users sharing his last gig at Epozini Lifestyle in Soshanguve on Saturday, April 20th.

One particular moment during his set has caught everyone’s attention, as it turned out to be his final performance.

A video of Mashata’s last performance was shared on social media by @_blackza, capturing a poignant moment as he played Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.”

The powerful message of the song, with lyrics urging to make the world a better place, resonated with the crowd as Mashata sang along passionately.

During the performance, someone in the crowd approached Mashata and asked, “Are you Peter Mashata?” Unaware of the tragedy that would soon unfold, Mashata confirmed his identity.

This interaction has sparked curiosity and speculation among social media users, with some questioning the motives behind the question.

Twitter user @nonoza2020 expressed shock, saying, “Did you see this video? The person who asked if he was Mashata and the song… something fishy is going on.”

Others, like @st0ngh0st, raised concerns about the timing of the question, stating, “It doesn’t make sense. Why would you ask if you’re not involved?”

The mysterious exchange has left many wondering if there was more to the story than meets the eye.

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