Valentine’s Day heartbreak – Anele Zondo and her businessman boyfriend have broken up

Anele Zondo and Lebo Gunguluza’s relationship has come to an end after almost a year of dating.

The couple had a beautiful relationship, with Lebo, a businessman, showering the influencer with love and attention.

However, according to Zimoja, the reason for their breakup was Lebo’s inability to continue impressing his young lady.

An undisclosed source revealed that the couple tried to work through their issues, but it was too late.

The damage had already been done, and they decided to part ways.

It seems that both Anele and Lebo have accepted the breakup and are now focusing on their individual pursuits.

However, Anele Zondo denied ever dating Lebo.

She claimed that he was close to her ex-boyfriend, whose name she cannot reveal.

When questioned about their vacations and attendance at events together, she simply stated, “Because he was close to my ex, whose name I can’t mention.”

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