After Carlo Radebe’s misfortune, another actress exclusively reveals she was also on edge

In an exclusive interview with Sowetan, actress Makgotso M shared insights into the challenges she faced following her portrayal of Tishiwe in the acclaimed series Is’thunzi.

The talented actress opened up about the unexpected hurdles she encountered after the show concluded, shedding light on the difficulties she faced in securing further acting opportunities.

Makgotso candidly shared, “Following the completion of Is’thunzi, I encountered significant challenges in securing further acting opportunities. Despite anticipating interest from production companies, I found myself grappling with a lack of offers.”

The actress expressed her frustrations at the lack of opportunities that came her way post-Is’thunzi, which contrasted with her expectations.

While some of her co-stars, like her friend Thuso Mbedu, experienced a surge in their careers post-Is’thunzi, with opportunities both locally and internationally, Makgotso’s journey took a different turn.

The disparity in career trajectories left her feeling disillusioned by the industry’s response to her work.

Feeling disheartened by the limited prospects in the local entertainment industry, Makgotso made the brave decision to relocate to England in search of new horizons and potential opportunities.

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