King Zwelithini’s mysterious ‘love child’ rocks Zulu royal family

The Zulu royal family has been left in shock by a Gauteng teacher who has come forward claiming to be the firstborn son of the late King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu.

However, the royal family disputes this claim, stating that they know him as belonging to the Nkabinde family.

Nkabinde is now requesting the KwaZulu-Natal government to provide him with the gazetted list of King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu’s children in order to verify if his name is included. He is also seeking a share of the late king’s estate.

Prince Mbonisi kaBhekuzulu, the brother of King Zwelithini, expressed disbelief at Nkabinde’s claims, stating, “We are shocked about his claims because we know the guy as Nkabinde.”

Prince Mbonisi went on to explain that they had attended the same school together in Nongoma and that Nkabinde has always been known by that name.

Nkabinde had previously claimed that the late Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi had attempted to harm him due to his assertions.

However, Prince Zuzifa Buthelezi denied any knowledge of Nkabinde’s claims, stating that his father had never mentioned anything about him.

Nkabinde’s son, Ndalo, expressed confusion and shock about his father’s claims.

He mentioned that he had discussed the matter with his grandmother, who denied the allegations made by his father. Ndalo also revealed his intention to undergo a DNA test to ascertain the truth behind the situation.

With multiple individuals now coming forward claiming to be the children of the late king, including a businessman in Durban and a woman from eMpangeni, the issue has become increasingly complex.

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