DJ Maphorisa becomes laughing stock after tweeps noticed cheap pots and stove in his cooking video

DJ Maphorisa recently found himself at the center of social media mockery after sharing a video of himself cooking.

The focus of the ridicule was not on his culinary skills or the dish he was preparing, but rather on his choice of pot and stove.

As one of the top music stars in South Africa, DJ Maphorisa has achieved both fame and wealth through his years of hard work.

He often showcases his wealth by wearing luxury brands and indulging in expensive purchases.

This is why some social media users were disappointed to see him using what they deemed as cheap pots and a low-quality stove.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote, “Bathi @DjMaphorisa is Buying R500,000 Bags, and R250,000 sneakers but at home he uses R100 pots to cook using a very cheap stove too.”

This comment sparked a wave of criticism from others who believed that DJ Maphorisa’s cooking equipment should match his level of success.

However, not everyone was quick to judge. Many tweeps came to DJ Maphorisa’s defense, pointing out that he is not a professional chef and should not be expected to have top-of-the-line kitchen appliances.

One user wrote, “Yeah, but it’s not like he’s a chef. Our people like imposing their preferences on ours. I’m pretty sure he can afford the most expensive pots in the world.”

DJ Maphorisa’s talent and success should not be overshadowed by such superficial matters.

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