Kefilwe Mabote alleges her ex-hubby nearly killed her with a screwdriver

South African influencer Kefilwe Mabote, known online as Kefiboo, has revealed a shocking history of alleged domestic abuse at the hands of her former husband.

The revelations surfaced during a custody battle at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court, debunking rumors that Mabote had fabricated her marriage for social media clout.

Mabote, who has since obtained a protection order against her ex-husband, detailed a pattern of violence that began with an argument.

“Our first argument led him to strangle my neck behind the wall,” she stated in court documents.

The abuse escalated, with Mabote alleging that her former husband beat her on multiple occasions, including once at a Johannesburg club. 

“He decided to beat me up because when I got home, I did not call him,” she shared, adding that she fought back in self-defense. 

Mabote further claimed that her ex-husband “almost killed me with a screwdriver,” demanding she surrender her belongings and leave. 

Fearful for her life, she fled their home and sought refuge at a safe location.

“As a direct result of both the on-going emotional, physical, and mental abuse I suffered… I attempted to take my own life,” Mabote confessed.

She also expressed concern that her ex-husband might try to poison her or hire hitmen, alleging he even attempted to counter her protection order with false accusations of poisoning and assault.

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