Man dies after drinking herbal concoction (Imbiza) in an attempt to pleasure his girlfriend in the bedroom

A young man’s bid to boast his libido and please his girlfriend beneath the covers has ended in tears.

22-year-old David Mguni lost his life after consuming a herbal concoction, known as imbiza, in an attempt to enhance his sexual prowess.

The incident occurred on Saturday and has prompted a police investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding Mguni’s untimely death.

Mguni, hailing from Jeremiah village, sought the assistance of a local herbalist to address his fading sexual passion.

Hoping to reignite his performance in the bedroom, he obtained a preparation of herbs from the herbalist.

However, shortly after consuming the herbs, Mguni’s condition rapidly deteriorated, leading to his passing.

The media reports that the police in Harare have released an official statement confirming Mguni’s death.

According to the statement, Mguni followed the instructions given by the herbalist and prepared the herbal concoction himself.

It was after ingesting the herbs that he experienced immediate and severe complications, ultimately resulting in his demise.

The police have initiated an investigation to determine the specific herbs involved in the concoction and their potential adverse effects.

Further details regarding the incident are yet to be determined.

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