Police called to a gruesome discovery in a rented room

Gauteng Police are looking for the killer or killers of respected young Tshwane teacher Sinoxolo Gcilitshana

Gauteng police spokesman Lt. Col. Mavela Masondo told a news publication that Eersterust police are investigating a murder case after a man’s body was found in his rented room.

“Police were called to an unnatural death scene on Zelik Glyne Avenue in the early hours of Tuesday. Upon arrival, they found the body of a man with visible injuries in his rented bedroom,” Masondo said.

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He said the motive for the murder can’t be confirmed at this time. An investigation is underway and the police are looking for the suspect or suspects.

Police called upon the discovery of sinoxolo

This week, Professor Jonathan Jansen of the University of Stellenbosch shared a moving tribute to Gcilitshana, detailing how he rose from abject poverty to a highly respected, dedicated and passionate teacher with dreams of becoming Vice-Chancellor.

“Not a day or a week has gone by that he hasn’t posted photos and uplifting news about his class or his headmaster or his speeches at school. I’ve never met someone so passionate through his teaching and also optimistic about his students. He knew that his life having been changed by a Zimbabwean history teacher, he could change the fate of his students at a township school on the outskirts of Pretoria,” Jansen said.

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“My heart breaks when I think of this mentee who became my mentor and taught me three valuable things about living a meaningful life. First, live your life to the fullest, because it can be taken at any time. Two, live a life of gratitude, always thinking of those who have helped you along the way. Three, live your life for others so that they in turn can benefit from the grace that has been given to you”.

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