Ayanda Ncwane trolled for not inviting Nonku Williams daughter Nothile to Sfiso Ncwane’s tombstone unveiling

Real Housewives of Durban’s season one star, Ayanda Ncwane, recently stirred controversy with her husband Sfiso Ncwane’s tombstone unveiling.

The event, captured in poignant family photos shared on social media, raised eyebrows as internet users questioned the absence of Sfiso’s daughter, Nothile, from the gathering.

Nothile, the daughter of the late gospel singer and Nonku Williams of RHOD fame, has been a point of intrigue since the revelation of her existence on the reality show.

Nonku’s disclosure during a dinner at Sorisha’s house set the stage for a strained relationship between the two women, adding complexity to the family dynamics.

In a series of photos documenting the tombstone unveiling ceremony, a figure resembling Nothile was spotted in the second last picture, prompting speculation and inquiries from curious onlookers.

While some believed it was indeed Nothile, others were quick to point out differences, leading to questions about her exclusion from the event.


Ayanda’s caption on the post expressed gratitude for the ceremony and praised her sons for their involvement in redesigning their father’s tombstone.

However, the absence of Nothile from the visible family gathering sparked criticism and calls for inclusivity from concerned internet users.

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