VIDEO: 37 illegal Malawian nationals caught in an overcrowded taxi

A 15-seater minibus taxi carrying 37 undocumented Malawian nationals was intercepted by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in Limpopo. The incident occurred during a routine patrol by SAPS when officers noticed the minibus taxi was overcrowded.

Illegal Malawian nationals caught


Upon inspecting the vehicle, officers discovered that the passengers, all Malawian nationals, lacked proper documentation to be in South Africa. This situation raised immediate concerns about illegal immigration and the safety of those involved.

The interception highlights the ongoing challenges South African authorities face in managing illegal immigration, particularly in Limpopo province, which borders Zimbabwe and serves as a known transit point for individuals attempting to enter South Africa illegally from neighbouring countries.

The SAPS detained the passengers for further investigation and verification of their immigration status.

The authorities’ swift action demonstrates their commitment to upholding immigration laws and protecting the country’s borders.


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