Pule’s AmaZulu future hangs in the balance

As the end of his contract with AmaZulu FC approaches, midfielder Hendrick ‘Pule’ Ekstein is facing a pivotal period that could determine his future with the club.

The 33-year-old has been a part of the KwaZulu-Natal giants since 2021, following his return from Azerbaijan where he played for Sabail FK.

With nearly three years spent at AmaZulu, Ekstein’s current deal is set to expire in June, raising questions about his continuity with the team.

Despite showcasing improved performances and securing regular game-time this season, Ekstein is yet to receive clarity from the club regarding his future.

Under the guidance of AmaZulu coach Pablo Franco Martin, Ekstein has shown notable progress on the field, earning praise from the coaching staff.

However, the midfielder’s situation remains complex, with conflicting views within the club about his long-term suitability.

A source close to the club shed light on the uncertainty surrounding Ekstein’s future, stating, “With Ekstein, it is quite a complex situation because the coach likes him, but it seems like not everyone at the club is convinced that he is the player to continue with beyond the current season. It is safe to say that his future will be decided at the end of the season.”

As Ekstein navigates this critical juncture in his career, his performance in the coming weeks could play a decisive role in shaping his future with AmaZulu.

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