ANC official rapes and pays teen R100 for her silence

The father of a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly raped by a Gauteng ANC ward official expressed his rageat having overlooked “warning signs” that his daughter had been molested.

A 34-year-old ANC secretary in a ward north of Johannesburg is accused of raping a teenager on 14 October 2022 and paying her R100 for her silence.

On Monday, 5 December 2022,  the alleged rapist appeared in front of the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

To protect his daughter’s identity, the victim’s father, who cannot be identified, left the courtroom before the proceedings were over because he could not stand to see the accused.

The father told News24 that when he learned that a man he trusted, a well-known ANC member of the community, had allegedly raped his daughter, he was startled and unhappy.

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“He earned my utmost respect. Like a friend, he was. He used to regularly visit me at home, but now he’s embarrassed me. My wife now believes that I have invited my friends to come to harm our daughter, “the father stated.

Anc official arrested for rape

The father said he was only made aware of the incident when his daughter came clean to him on her birthday, s month after the incident happened.

“While we were in town looking for a present for her, she told me this. She advised me to ask her teachers if I didn’t trust her. It was confirmed when I visited the school.”

He claimed that after teachers looked into possible signs of the girl’s distress, the girl came forward and admitted to having been raped.

He said that the school had not informed the parents, which angered him. Additionally, he was upset with himself for ignoring the “warning signs” that his daughter had experienced a terrible incident.

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He claimed that when he repeateddly pressed his daughter as to why she had kept the incident from him, she replied, “I was afraid you would fight him since you know him.”

The father said:

The one time she said to me I do not love her because I don’t protect her. I tried asking her what she meant by that, but she just dismissed it. Now that I know the truth, everything is starting to make sense. The anger, her wanting to change schools… It all makes sense.

The father claimed that after the alleged offender was taken into custody on December 2, he went to the police station and begged for a chance to talk with the offender.

“I wanted to know why he did it, but he denied doing anything to my daughter… I got so angry the police chased me out of the police station,” the father said.

The case was postponed to December 12 for additional investigation and a formal bail application.


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