7 arrested after Nigerian crowd fights police during the arrest of a drug dealer

On Thursday, 18 April 2024, at around 18:00, members from Operation Vala Umgodi were conducting stop-and-search operations in the Kimberley area.

While patrolling Elliot Street, officers stopped and searched a Nigerian national suspected of carrying drugs. The suspect was found in possession of mandrax tablets, dagga, and crystal meth.

During the arrest, the suspect allegedly resisted and assaulted the South African Police Service (SAPS) member with a tire strap. A large group, also believed to be Nigerian nationals, attacked the officers and damaged SAPS vehicles.

Police used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, arresting three suspects for public violence and detaining them at the Kimberley Police Station.

While processing the suspects, they broke windows at the station, resulting in additional charges of malicious damage to property.The group later approached the police station and threatened retaliation.

The operational commander warned them to disperse. As the group dispersed, they damaged police vehicles. Four more suspects were arrested for malicious damage to property.

Police are continuing to monitor the situation.


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