Body of a three-year-old is retrieved from toilet pit

Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, the provincial commissioner of police for Limpopo, has urged parents to take extra precautions and watch out for their children. This appeal was made in response to the occurrence on Monday, December 5, 2022, during the day, when the body of a three-year-old boy was found in a pit toilt in the community of Tshino Ndiitwani, within the jurisdiction of the Vuwani Policing Area, in the Vhembe District.

The victim, a three-year-old child, was last seen by his uncle on Sunday morning between 7:30 and 8:30, according to the report.

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The parents reported to the police about his disappearance. The diligent Search and Rescue Unit began a search operation that resulted in this horrifying discovery. They were assisted by the K9 Search Rescue Team, Provincial Search and Rescue Unit, EMS, and the local Police.

The Team searched the victim’s yard with a particular emphasis. This came after the K9 reacted close to the pit toilet. After conducting tests to establish what might be inside, the members began digging the pit toilet. After that, the body was discovered and given to the local Police.

The K9 Search and Rescue, Provincial Search and Rescue, Local Police, and EMS all demonstrated a high level of dedication and cooperation, which was praised by the provincial commissioner.

These kinds of incidents can only be prevented if parents take extra precautions, are attentive, and watch out for their kids at all times. Lieutenant General Hadebe concluded.

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