Zimbabwe’s acting president reportedly points gun at drivers

Never one to shy away from controversy, Zimbabwe’s vice president Dr Constantino Chiwenga has torched another storm.

Chiwenga is currently the acting president and he is famed for having led the infamous military coup which deposed the late Robert Mugabe.

This time Chiwenga took a swipe at driver

“Stringent measures need to be taken to address the issue of overspeeding on our roads,” the acting president said.

He emphasized the need for motorists and public transport operators to exercise caution and care while driving to minimize road traffic accidents.

Chiwenga’s directive comes in the wake of a tragic accident on the Harare-Mutare highway that claimed the lives of five people.

A bus, a haulage truck, and a Mercedes Benz vehicle were involved in the crash. The Acting President expressed his concern over the increasing number of road accidents in the country, stating that over 600 people have been killed in such incidents since January.

In order to address this issue, Chiwenga called upon law enforcement agencies, including the Zimbabwe Republic Police, to take stringent measures against errant drivers along major highways. He warned that culprits would face the full force of the law.

However, Chiwenga also highlighted the role that passengers play in ensuring their own safety. He urged them to contribute towards their safety by preventing drivers from speeding.

This collaborative effort between drivers and passengers is crucial in reducing the number of accidents on the roads.

Chiwenga is standing in as Zimbabwe’s president while Emmerson Mnangagwa takes his annual year end holiday.

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