ANC Councillor tells EPWP workers who did not vote for ANC to immediately resign

Shocked by the election results in his ward, an ANC councillor in eThekwini municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, instructed Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) workers to resign immediately for voting for the wrong party.

ANC Councillor tells epwp employees to resign

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Councillor Malombo Nxumalo of Inchanga, west of Durban, posted the directive in a WhatsApp status update earlier today.

“Community of Ward 4, I am very disappointed with the way you voted yesterday. From now, please come and resign from all positions of EPWP of Ward 4. We thank all those who voted according to the national [ballot], we are not forgiving [about this],” Nxumalo wrote in Zulu.

Although he later deleted the message, a worker had already taken a screenshot and sent it to Scrolla.Africa to express his shock at Nxumalo’s conduct.

Nxumalo is the brother of James Nxumalo, who served as the ANC mayor of eThekwini from 2011 to 2016.

The message from Malombo was sent as the electoral shock waves began sweeping through Durban, following the Umkhonto Wesizwe party of former president Jacob Zuma winning several key voting districts in the city from the ANC.

Malombo later admitted that the message was sent in anger and apologized to the people of his ward.

“In one word I have no intention of disrespect[ing] any human being, what I wrote in my status was angry, I do not mean what I wrote. My apologies to everyone who felt badly about that,” he said in a written response to Scrolla.Africa.

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