Zimbabwean man kills his SA girlfriend, chops her into pieces and stores her inside chest freezer

Zimbabwean national Brian Miripiri has been accused of killing his girlfriend, Busisiwe Mthethwa, and hiding her remains in a freezer.

The grim discovery was made by police and family members in her Samora Machel home.

Miripiri was arrested on Saturday, but not before allegedly spending the night with another woman.

The family of the victim last heard from Busisiwe on Thursday, when Miripiri supposedly told them that she had gone to the Eastern Cape.

However, their suspicions were aroused when a neighbor informed them that Miripiri was selling her possessions.

A relative, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounts the events leading up to the discovery: “When we arrived there, the shack was locked… Brian was at a local shebeen when we arrived. I called our relatives in the Eastern Cape and she wasn’t there.”

Concerned for Busisiwe’s safety, the family went to the police station and requested an escort to Miripiri’s house.

Upon arrival, they found Miripiri in the road and demanded he open the door. Inside, they discovered a ransacked kitchen and blood on the curtains.

The relative recalls the horrifying moment: “My brother noticed that there were things piled inside the freezer, when he removed the most heavy item, he saw Busisiwe inside.”

Miripiri, a Zimbabwean national, has opted for a Legal aid lawyer.

The motive behind this gruesome crime remains unknown, leaving the family devastated and searching for answers.

It is a tragic reminder of the dangers that can lurk behind closed doors and the importance of remaining vigilant in our communities.

This case serves as a harrowing reminder that domestic violence can occur in any relationship.

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