Ernst Middendorp Not Happy About Current Swallows Situation

Cape Town Spurs coach Ernst Middendorp has expressed his lack of surprise upon learning about Moroka Swallows’ financial difficulties, following his brief tenure at the club.

He has called for the intervention of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) board in response to recent reports of Swallows’ matches being postponed due to unpaid salaries, a recurring issue under the previous leadership of Dylan Kerr.

 Ernst Middendorp says he wasn’t surprised to read about Moroka Swallows’ financial problems after he spent a few months at the club, and has called for PSL board to intervene.

Ernst Middendorp says he wasn’t surprised to read about Moroka Swallows’ financial problems.

Middendorp, who was with Swallows from December 2022 to March 2023, criticized the club and urged the PSL executive board to take action.

What Middendorp had to say

He highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating:

“I had guests from Bundesliga 2 clubs, they asked what’s this they were reading about it because they have a home in Camps Bay, it’s absolutely unbelievable, it’s not possible.” as quoted by iDiskiTimes

Middendorp emphasized the need for the executive committee to make it clear that such financial mismanagement is unacceptable.

In his plea to the media, Middendorp insisted on the responsibility of clubs to fulfill their obligations, especially regarding player salaries. He suggested that failure to do so should result in severe consequences, including expulsion from the league:

“There’s only one way done, you are not having the right to stay in the league, and you’re not having the right anymore to be part of PSL league.”

Middendorp at Swallows between December 2022 and March 2023

The German coach at Swallows between December 2022 and March 2023

Middendorp also shared his personal opinion on a strategic approach some clubs might take to navigate financial challenges, expressing concern over signing players, accumulating points, and then neglecting payment obligations.

He cautioned against such practices and called for the board of governors to step in and address the issue promptly.

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