University student jailed for killing an e-hailing driver

The brutal murder of Abdirashid Haji Mohammed has left his family devastated.

The fact that one of the alleged perpetrators is a student at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) has added another layer of complexity to this tragic story.

Godfrey Rolamana, a student at UWC, and his brother Nestory Rolamana have been accused of viciously stabbing Abdirashid Haji Mohammed to death during a robbery gone wrong.

The details of the crime are chilling – Mohammed was stabbed eight times before being dumped on the street in Bellville.

The callousness of the attackers is truly disturbing, especially considering the victim was a father of four who was simply trying to earn a living as an e-hailing driver.

The family of Abdirashid Haji Mohammed has been vocal in their demand for justice.

They gathered outside the Bellville Magistrate’s Court to protest against the possible release of the Rolamana brothers.

The pain and anger they are feeling are understandable – they have lost a loved one in a senseless and brutal act of violence.

The fact that one of the alleged perpetrators is a student at UWC has raised questions about the role of the university in preventing such tragedies.

It is a stark reminder that violence and crime can affect anyone, regardless of their background or education.

As the legal process moves forward, it is essential that justice is served for Abdirashid Haji Mohammed and his family.

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