Julius Malema labels Danny Jordaan an ANC cadre and increases his volume saying he should leave SAFA

The bronze medal win by Bafana Bafana at the Africa Cup of Nations has not changed EFF leader Julius Malema’s opposition to Danny Jordaan’s presidency of South African football.

Malema has been a vocal critic of Jordaan and has called for his removal from the position.

Malema’s continued criticism of Jordaan dampened the celebration of Bafana’s success at the tournament.

Malema believes that the issues in South African football remain unresolved and should not be masked by Bafana’s run to the semifinals in Ivory Coast.

He has accused Jordaan of collapsing South African football and has labeled him as an ANC-deployed cadre.

Malema’s stance on Jordaan’s presidency has not changed despite Bafana’s third-place finish at the tournament.

When asked if Bafana’s bronze medal win could potentially mask the deficiencies in South African football, Malema responded by saying that they are looking at the occasion and that the fact that Jordaan must go still remains.

“Our being here and listening to Danny here doesn’t make him a good leader. [He is a leader] who can’t respond to simple questions of how much people [the Bafana players] are going to get [in bonuses] because they must be roped into certain corners without us knowing if they are receiving what is due to them.”

He believes that Jordaan is a leader who cannot respond to simple questions and cannot ensure that the players receive what is due to them in terms of bonuses.

Malema’s strong opposition to Jordaan has been a dampener for the Safa president, who should have been taking a victory lap at Bafana’s rare success.

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