Prophet tied and beaten after he asks congregants to eat underwear

As a result of the increased awareness and concerns around fake prophets and pastors, people have gotten tired of their shenanigans and the congregation is finally taking action against these con artists. According to man not Barry Roux Penuel Mnguni who is the prophet at End Times Ministries got more than he bargained for angering his church members and the community.

Angry community

The fake prophet was tied and beaten by the community and his tent was burned down after he asked the congregants to eat their undies.

Tent of the prophet burned down

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This is not the first time Penuel Mnguni has made headlines for his unusual antics in the manner in which he provides spiritual guidance. He has allegedly had his church closed a couple of times but reopens in a different location and continues his shenanigans.

Prophet makes people eat snakes

He first made headlines when he gave his congregation snakes, rats, and petrol as holy communion.

Prophet Penuel Mnguni, also referred to as the “Petrol Pastor” and the “Snake Pastor” (after serving his congregations snakes to eat and petrol to drink), 2018 once more declared in a Facebook post that “biscuits and juice” for holy communion were old and that anything could be used to exalt God.

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He fed his congregation, frogs, mopane worms, and who knows what other tentacled animals are involved.

He emphasises that his congregants should consume whatever he gives them “without asking any question” to prove their faith.

Prophet holding alleged dog meat

The controversial pastor, Penuel Mnguni, was also caught on camera feeding his congregation what he claimed to be dog meat and blood. Snake pastor gave congregants dog ‘meat and blood’ to ‘heal’ HIV & cancer.

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