Bonga reveals the reason he left rehab

Since Bonga Sithole, a well-spoken, drug-addicted, and hobo, became an internet star, people have been tremendously interested with his life and are frequently given updates on what is happening in it.

After a video of Bonga begging for money in the robots on the streets of Johannesburg went viral, a good samaritan named Sisanda decided to help Bonga get off the streets, obtain a birth certificate so he could obtain an ID, and secure two job offers for him.

Bonga Sithole

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The job offers were on condition of him going through rehabilitation and completing the program. After only a few days in treatment, Bonga declared his intention to leave the facility and embark on a spiritual journey, which saw him returning to the streets to beg for money.

Pictures of him walking on the streets of Johannesburg a few days after he left rehab began to circulate on social media. Bonga has since spoken up about his decision to leave rehabilitation

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The rehabilitation facility where Bonga was placed allegedly suppressed his religious beliefs and wouldn’t let him hold prayer sessions. He emphasizes his firm belief in God and the fact that everything in his life is happening for a reason. He further asserted that the other factor that contributed to his choice was sexually orientated and he did not want to implicate himself.

In another video he expressed concerns that people are treating his life like a reality show, and it was evident that he was not pleased with that.

Bonga has been since been taken back to another rehab.

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