What happened to Gosiame Sithole who once became a global headline maker after claiming she gave birth to 10 babies?

South Africa previously made global headlines after a Thembisa woman claimed to have given birth to 10 babies.

The story spread across the world like a wild veld fire and the woman became an instant celebrity.

What shook the world even more was the fact that there were never ten babies.

Public Protector Finds No Evidence of Decaplet Birth

The then Acting Public Protector, Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka, released a 57-page report concluding that there was no evidence to support claims that Gosiame Sithole (Moliehi Maria Sithole) gave birth to 10 children on June 7, 2021.

Lack of Medical Records and Hospital Denials

Gcaleka’s investigation found that “clinical obstetrician and gynecology report from Thembisa hospital, indicates Ms Sithole did not give birth and was not pregnant in recent times.”

Additionally, “nominal admission register and the medico report of Steve Biko hospital revealed that ms sithole was never admitted at Steve Biko hospital during 2021.”

Contradictions in Sithole’s Testimony

The report also noted “several factual contradictions regarding where ms sithole allegedly gave birth to the decuplets.”

Sithole claimed to have given birth at various hospitals, but “all the hospitals denied she was admitted at their facilities during this period.”

Involuntary Mental Health Admission Warranted

Gcaleka’s investigation determined that Sithole’s involuntary admission for mental health care may have been justified.

Medical practitioners who attended to her reported observations that supported this decision.

Removal of Twins Also Warranted

The report also found that the removal of Sithole’s twins from her care was warranted. Sithole had contacted social workers to express concerns about their wellbeing after her prolonged hospital stay. The twins were reunited with Sithole three months later.

Media Interactions

Gcaleka’s report addressed concerns about the interaction of the Thembisa Hospital and Gauteng’s Department of Health with the media.

She stated that these entities “interacted with the media with the objective of refuting the unsubstantiated claims of the birth of the children.”

Miss Sithole Goes To Ground

Miss Sithole has since gone to ground and nothing has been written about her in 16 months.

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