Nelson Chamisa becomes Zimbabwe’s laughing stock as ex-minister Jonathan Moyo reveals why his political party nosedived

In a scathing critique of former main opposition party leader Nelson Chamisa, Zimbabwe’s former information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has joined the chorus of criticism against Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change.

Moyo took to Twitter to express his views, stating that any political party without structures and a constitution is doomed to fail.

Moyo’s tweet read, “Anyone anywhere who at any time comes up with a political party with no structures and with no constitution, or who makes himself or herself the structure and constitution of the party is his or her own worst enemy.”

He further emphasized that a structureless and constitutionless formation may work for a cultic church, but it can never succeed as a political party.

Highlighting the vulnerabilities of such a party, Moyo stated, “There’s nothing as easily infiltratable as a structureless and constitutionless political party, especially one that claims to be officerless and memberless.”

He argued that a political party without a proper structure and constitution cannot meet the basic requirements of a democratic or progressive formation.

Professor Jonathan Moyo’s criticism holds weight, given his experience as Zimbabwe’s former information minister.

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