Ratanda community burning with anger following the murder of a three year-old-girl by 2 illegal immigrants

Zandi Ngwenya, 23, the mother of three-year-old Melokuhle Ngwenya, expressed grief and confusion following the discovery of her daughter’s body, wrapped in plastic and discarded in a dustbin.

She does not understand why anyone would want to harm her child. Zandi described Melokuhle as a source of joy for their family.

“Why would someone do such a gruesome thing? Why kill my innocent child? I want justice to be done,” Ngwenya said.

When questioned by community members and police at the scene, the woman who rented a room in the yard of the house stated that she was sorry for killing the little girl.

Commitment of Ratanda wants justice for Melokuhle Ngwenya

Community threatens to burn down the house

Angry residents demanded mob justice, but the police intervened and took the suspect to the Ratanda police station, where she was detained.

The incident left residents in shock, leading to protests outside the house where Melokuhle was discovered, with some individuals threatening to set it on fire.

In a statement released by Ratanda South African Police Service (SAPS) Scrolla.Africa learnt that two illegal immigrants a male and female, were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of murder.

Community angered

The three-year-old girl disappeared on 3 April from Maphiri Extension 6, and Ratanda police responded swiftly to a missing child report at 3:30pm on Wednesday.

“Police members called in the assistance of the SAPS Dog Unit and after a long party search, the body of the little victim was found in a dustbin wrapped in a plastic bag,” read the statement.

The female suspect claims that a verbal altercation occured between herself and the victim’s mother after she was caught attempting to steal.

Police presence

She further alleges that during a visit by Melokuhle Ngwenya to her home, her male friend arrived, and in a moment when he left the room, she allegedly strangled the victim.

Upon his return and discovery of the situation, the male friend assisted in placing the body in a plastic bag and disposing of it in the dustbin.

Both suspects have been apprehended by the police and are set to appear in the Heidelberg Magistrates Court in the near future.


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